Thursday, May 16, 2013

Turkish Airlines Ladies Open/Arriving in Amsterdam!

Cant believe we are already at our second event. We have been on the road for over 2 weeks and left Turkey yesterday, arrived in Amsterdam, Holland! The weather is a BIT different here! We went from high 80s and 90s to low 50s and 60s with rain!!!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. Talk about adjusting!!

 Last year, the tournament arranged for Host families in Rotterdam (1 hour away from here) where the tournament was held. We met a very nice lady, Simone! She contacted her friend in Amsterdam (Hetty) to host us this year since the tournament moved venues to Amsterdam's International Golf Club! So we are in a home these 2 weeks!!! A break from the Hotels is So nice!!!

Not exactly happy with last week's finish but I cant complain with making my first cut at the first event of the year. Although, of course, just making the cut is not good enough this year!

I played really well the first 2 days with a couple bad kicks (which that course could definitely give you!  Last hole of the first round, I had to take an unplayable in the greenside bunker, leaving me with a very hard up and down to save bogey and had to end it with a double bogey. I wasnt happy and just prayed that God had a plan and I trusted him.

I played well the second round, very soild. Birdies werent coming easyand final hole of the second round, I birdied! and it happen to be the birdie that got me into the weekend rounds! Danny and I were very excited and grateful. It seemed to all fall into place with just a little bit of patience and faith!!

No excuses for how the weekend went. I lost faith in my game and sort of fell apart off the tee with all the tight tee shots the course had to offer. It is by far the tightest, most difficult course we face all year.
I have to take away a few good things about my game from the last event though. I dont think my short game (chipping and putting) have been any better than they were last week! I was hitting my irons very good and was really confident from the fairway in. I have been working hard the last couple of days since the Turkish Open has finished and have had a chance to look back and learn from the experiences I had when things were exactly going the way I wanted. I have been sending swings to my coach Patti and we have talked about the same drills that we were working on before I left. The tee shot is something we are constantly working on and tempo and confidence seems to be the common denominator! and thats all it is! I feel really good coming into this next event and look forward to getting to the course tomorrow!

Our host, Hetty, took us to her home course this morning, Amsterdam Golf Club, and we got to meet the caddy master, head pro and had a great morning practicing and meeting her friends in the club!  I always  enjoy helping out a fellow serious golfer! She is awesome and has a great swing!! Loved talking to her about her golf game/swing today and it also reminded me of the things I should focus on more! TEMPO!! :)  We are really lucky to have such a great host and look forward to the next 10 days in her home! I have a great feeling about the upcoming week!

The event starts May 24-26th! the off to Germany in a 10 hour train ride!
Will give updates soon! We are both very comfortable and are enjoying our time in Holland so far! (No worries parents! We are in good hands! Love you!!!)
Jess <3

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Back Blogging for 2013!!

Hi Everyone!

Wow, I feel like I haven't blogged in so long and that is true!
It has been one heck of an "off-season" for me.  My last LET event was in Dubai the second week of December and I haven't been on tour since!

The Ladies European Tour 2013 schedule started in Australia in February and I opted out of the first 3 events on that side of the world due to expenses. Being smart is very important in this stage of my career and seeing that it is only the beginning of my second year on tour being smart financially comes first!  I was accepted into the LPGA/LET co-sanctioned event called the Aussie Open but just couldn't find the means to take a month long trip to Australia! The 4th event on the schedule was the World Championship in China and the 5th and 6th events that I have missed were in Africa. I am excited to join the tour in Turkey for their 7th event on the schedule and will play 10 or 11 events on the 2013 LET schedule and LPGA Qualifying (back in the states) in the fall and winter months!

Danny and I committed the off season to working and saving as much money as possible to try to play as many European Tour events in 2013, so along with our decision, my team decided we would stay and work ( on my game and at our jobs) for a few extra months.

Although I have missed 6 events in the beginning of the LET schedule. I have been playing in many pro events in the local Orlando area and was invited to play in an LPGA Symetra Tour event last month in Winter Haven, Fla.
I have been keeping busy with my job at Lake Nona, working VERY hard on my game with my swing coach Patti McGowan, my sports psych, Jim Leohr, Green reading with Mark Sweeny,  Zach Denson out at the Gary Gilcrest golf academy on my fitness and playing in small events to stay sharp!  I could not be more excited to hit the road in about a week and get back on the big stage starting at the Turkish Open in Antalya, Belek, Turkey! (over 300km south of Istanbul)

Again, I know it has been a long journey, and it has just begun again for 2013 but I just wanted to thank each of you for the unconditional support and kind words throughout the process. Im very excited about the season coming up for me and look forward to keeping everyone informed while we are on the road! 2013 is a BIG year seeing that LPGA Qualifying is on the schedule and that is the biggest goal I hold in my heart. All these tours and tournaments lead to that goal and I really look forward for that opportunity to play and qualify through 3 stages.
Not jumping ahead :)  but I would love to see each of you at third stage in Daytona Beach, Fla in December! It would be so awesome to share that experience with each of you, and just having you there would be very special to me! Because you are!

Anyways! Here is what my schedule looks like for the upcoming 5 months and hope to hear from you all soon! Keep us in your prayers!  We leave April 30th at 3:10pm!
God Bless

April 30-May 15- Turkey
May- Amsterdam
July-The UK (England and Scotland)  1 LET event and the British Open
End of Aug-LPGA First Stage Q-School

Will be blogging soon!
Thanks Again!!!!  MUCH LOVE <3

Ps. Also, please take a look and pass on the word of my Q-School Fundraiser I have invested my time in making. Donate if you can/want to (no pressure at all!) and if not, just take a look around! Its just another way to keep people connected to my journey and I will be updating this site frequently too!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Annual Fundraiser!!

Hello everyone!

It has been a busy couple of months but Im back home now and already back to work at Lake Nona as the Beverage cart girl and back to working weekly with my coach Patti!

The last event was Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain and I placed T-21! It was a good way to start a short break through the off season!  The conditions were very similar to Florida (including the hot humid weather!) and in return I felt right at home.

We got back to the states about a week ago due to a couple of limited field tournaments ( that as a rookie, I do not get into to)  coming up throughout October and we thought it would be a good time to come home and make some money and get ready for next season!   I will play the last 2 events of the LET season starting in India on November 30th and Dubai which starts the 5th of Decemeber. We have decided that Danny will stay home for these 2 events in order to get back on a regular work schedule for 4 months during the off season and get ready for the 2013 season over seas!   The first event of the next season starts beginning of Feb in New Zealand!  I am so lucky to have such a great supportive team around me, constantly making sacrifices for me that Im not sure I could ever repay them for!! Including all of you, thank you so much!

Another way we have decided to raise some money for next season is our annual fundraiser! We started last year and it was ALOT of fun and really made the difference when planning my future events!  I was able to pay for LPGA Qualifying last year with the fundraising money and it also went towards LET qualifying, which really paid off!!! We are shooting for the 17th of November at a local course called Twin Rivers in Oviedo, Fl!  We are trying our best to get commitments as soon as possible!  If anyone is interested please please please let me know! Everyone is welcome and you can bring as many people as you want! I will be sending out fliers as soon as I get the exact details and would love to hear back from you as soon as you could!  Just to give you an idea, we charged 70 per person, including lunch and a goodie bag and alot of fun!!   250 for a 4-some! Im not sure about this year but Im sure it wont be much different than that, if not cheaper!  This year will include free drinks only asking donations!

Please consider this event and hope to see each and everyone of you there! Its not about the fundraising as much as it is to be able to see everyone and get everyone together for alot of fun on the golf course!

Hope all is well with each and everyone of you and you are always in my prayers
Thanks so much!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Im Back!!

Hi Everyone! Sorry!!!!

Blogging seems to be the last thing I want to do after a long day on the course or travel day and I do apologize!

We are at the British this week, I tried to Monday qualify the day after Austria and missed by one shot  but went into a 6 hole play off with 13 girls to get one of the 4 available alternate spots. I managed to get the 4th spot and just wait for 4 people to withdraw!  Only one ended up withdrawing but I got to be on the inside for the week! I got a competitor badge that allowed me to practice, play practice rounds and eat with the players of the week. It sure beats sitting around on the outside for a week until we left for our next event in Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain on Monday.

Again, watching the leaders this week has taught me alot and watching them play and practice was beyond helpful. I practiced yesterday and today inbetween the morning and afternoon wave and am really getting confident for next week!  Taylormade was here this week and sense they have bought over adams, I get hooked up!  I saw Glen, a rep I have worked with in the past, and he got me settled with new hybrids and woods. I really needed that!  The new Rocketballz are awesome!

It kinda hurts to be watching instead of playing but I know everything is set in His plan and am at peace because of that. I learned more this week than I would have playing and excited for next week.   We leave monday at 2pm, getting there at 6pm and teeing off the first round on thursday leaving tues and wed to get familiar with the course!  We have planned to stay 2 extra days to check out the Canary Island beaches so that should be really fun. I miss Florida!!!    

Because I am a rookie this year, I am not able to get into the French event and the 2 China events so we have planned to come home, work, make some money, have a fundraising tournament ( please let me know if your interested!!!) and work with my coach until India's event end of November and Dubai. Ending the year the second week of Dec.  While I'm home ill play Sun Coast events around central florida and work at Nona. This year has gone by so fast but have loved it!

Ill write next week after rounds 2 or 3 in Tenerife and keep you updated! Hope all is well in the States and hope to see you all when I'm home!

Thank you all again!

Love and God Bless,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hi everyone!

I know your'e all probably wondering what the heck happened this week and Im still doing the same! Coming off a 4 week stretch at home without competing and nursing a couple of injuries, back and forth to the doctor's, I can honestly say that I was not at all as prepared as I could have been for the Irish Open.  Two weeks ago, not sure if I mentioned it yet or not, but I had a cortisone shot into my hand due to a cyst that had started to really bother me while I was playing. I pulled out of a Sun Coast event at Disney the last week I was home because of it and 2 days before I left for the 4 month trip, I finally got an MRI and had it taken care of. The cortisone has really helped and the pain is 90% gone, getting better every day. Im praying the cortisone and exercises reduce the cyst and the pain stays away. This is   not at all an excuse but I just dont think I was prepared. I did not feel comfortable over half the shots and was not prepared for the conditions as well.

Having said all this, on Sunday,  I spent about 4 hours practicing in the rainy irish weather to figure out what I needed to do to get the rust out and to get back to where I left off in June. Regardless of the scores this week, My game still showed me moments of greatness and I believe Ill be back in no time.

We are in England now with a week before the British Masters and will be getting ready everyday. Thanks to some great contacts and friends we are being put up in housing for most of the time in England and I think it will be a good month. Ill be playing practice rounds for the British Open Qualifying as well during our month here.

I hope everyone is enjoying the US sunshine because we havent seen it in a week! Love you all and thanks again for all you have done to make this happen. Im where I should be and feel myself getting closer to great golf again.

Until next time! God Bless

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On the road again

The last 4 weeks were spent at home, we came home from a long 3 and and half months on the road throughout Africa and Europe! After learning so much from the first trip, those 4 weeks at home were spent planning new routes and ways to get around and on the 29th we left for the second leg of the Ladies European Tour.

This trip we are starting in Dublin, Ireland for the Irish Open competing with top world players such as; Suzanne Petterson, Catrina Matthew, Laura Davis, Sophie Gustafuson, Karen Stupples and many more! Looking forward to the first round on Friday!

After this week we head to England for about a month, competing in the British Masters and getting practice rounds in at the British Open Qualifying site then off to Austria. After Austria we head back to England for the British Open Qualifying and hopefully I get into the Birtish then to Tenerife, Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco,  South of France, Italy then if the visas work out, to China we go!  We are going to be going to Shanghai and an island located between the south coast of  China and Vitenam. After this trip there are only 2 more events in India and Dubai and that concludes the first year on the LET!

Its our 3rd day in Ireland now, and its been raining nonstop since we got here. We played and practiced in 50 degree weather and rain yesterday but know that it will be like this all week and have to toughen up and get used to it. We are heading out again today for a later practice round and practice session, seeing that it doesn't get dark until 10pm and hopefully it starts to clear up a bit.

We already miss home and it was so great seeing most of you while we were home!  Ill keep everyone posted this trip and thanks again for all of your support! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012


What a weird week. Coming off 3 good finishes the last 3 tournament, My last thought of the week was being close to withdrawing. I had high expectations and was really ready to finish off the 3 month trip in a good way!  
We played 9 holes on tuesday, 9 holes on wednesday plus a junior pro am (which my team won!) and was ready for a good day of practice on thursday before the first round. As I noticed in the practice days, the greens were very firm and tricky but was looking forward to practicing getting to know them on thursday. 

I started to feel really sick on wednesday night  ( I had felt the same one day in Holland but it went away the next morning before round 1 of the Deloitte Open) and I wasnt sure what it was. I was really dizzy, barely could stand for 5 mintues without feeling sick. Danny and I thought it was dehydration because for the past 3 weeks it has been SO hot and humid and we also havent been sleeping very well so we just thought it was exhaustion. I went to bed (wednesday night) and hoping it would go away for thursday to practice all day before round 1.  I woke up and didnt not feel any better but worse so we just laid around for a few more hours waiting for it to go away. After drinking tons of water, I thought I felt good enough to go to the course ( 45 mins away) and practice for a few hours. I got to the course thursday afternoon and had to be taken away in an abulance because I felt so dizzy and they wanted me to go get checked. I went to the local hospital, they gave me an IV and did blood work, everything was fine on paper but I still didnt feel right, still dizzy. They diganosed it as...exhaustion. I come to find out that over six players have had the same feeling for the last 3 weeks and more and more are complaining about being dizzy...It happens to be an inner ear infection. As I think about it more, I have been feeling symptoms of a cold and headaches for the last couple days. All in all, I have something like vertigo along with several other players apparently. I decided not to withdraw 10 minutes before my tee time because I did actually felt a bit better and wanted to try to get through the rounds. I wasnt dizzy hitting shots and standing still it was just looking around and walking so danny took care of yardages and other things and I just played. I actaully hit the ball really well for how I felt and ended up hitting 12 greens but shot +4 with six 3 putts!!!!!!! I dont think I have ever had more than 3 a round so that wasnt fun but I got through it.

We went to get medicine recommended by some of the other players and of course, my mom :) and went to bed friday night. Today (Saturday, round 2) I woke up feeling better than the day before and felt as if I could put a low number together to try to make the cut. I was still feeling the affects of vertigo but less severe.  Danny and I made a goal today to keep our mind off of the scoreboard and cut and it was 15 greens! I actually ended up hitting 15 greens and 8 fairways! I am still hitting it very well. My putter did not cooperate this week and I was never very comfortable on the greens. My preparation was not sufficient due to the circumstance 2 days before the tournament started and that is was cost me the cut this week. I am still going back to the States feeling confident, blessed and satisfied with this first leg of tournaments and am looking forward to the next one! We will be leaving again at the end of July and I have played well enough to keep us going! The next leg is 2.5 months started in Dublin, Ireland

Im not sure if I mentioned it on my prior blogs but this is the the tentative upcoming schedule!

Dublin, Ireland
Buckinghamshire, England
Canary Islands, Spain
then back home for 3 weeks then possibly off to China for 3 weeks at the end of October!!

Its a crazy life, but I am so thankful for all of the support and love from everyone behind me. I couldn't do it without it. To be able to travel the world doing what you love with the person you love is beyond amazing. Hope to see many of you when we get back to Florida next week!

God Bless